RE: Spam on the list

Hello Ahmed,

Please read my mail. I explicitly said that everybody, whether
subscribed or not, can send mail, and it will come to me if they
are not subscribed, and I will forward it to the list. For example,
all mails on
that say (by way of Martin Duerst...) are such cases.

Regards,   Martin.

P.S.: Everybody, please don't send any more mails about this spam problem.
       Thank you.

At 07:46 01/09/04 +0100, Ahmed Bagi wrote:
>I reflect on the comment made by Alexander re only accepting subscribers.
>The idea of W3C is an open forum concept and restricting only subscribers to
>submit translation seems to be absurd. Today's technology provides ways and
>means of investigating spam mail and restricting its access. We need to be
>open to all new and exciting ideas and innovation, I don't know any mail
>list which does not suffer the occasional spam attack!
>Ahmed Bagi
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>Hello Alexander,
>This is a good idea, and we are already doing that.
>The problem is that the two recent spam mails came
>in despite this arrangement; we are currently investigating
>why this happened and what we can do about it.
>Also, please note that people who just want to send
>a single mail don't have to subscribe to the list.
>Mails from non-subscribers get to me, and I forward
>them to the list (if they are not spam, of course).
>Regards,   Martin.

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