Re: Final attempt

Hello Alexander,

Sorry for the delay. I herewith grant permission to translate
"XML in 10 points" and "W3C in 7 points" according to the
rules in the Copyright FAQ
with the following changes:

- Instead of using the term 'normative version', please use
   'original version'. (these documents are not normative)
- Indicate the date of the original to which your translations
   correspond, and say that the original may change (this is
   necessary because the original documents don't have dated

As for Bert's "Design Guide", I have copied Bert. Bert, what do you think?

Regards,   Martin.

At 00:21 01/07/02 +0400, The Croll wrote:
>Hello dear Sirs!
>Will you give me a permission to translate the following into Russian please:
>1. "XML in 10 points" by Bert Bos
>2. The entries with Russian names, middlenames and surnames
>on various W3C pages containg information on translations
>for me to maintain a page with Russian translations of W3C's documents.
>3. "Design Guide" by Bert Bos
>4. "W3C in 7 points"
>Hmmm, or tell me if no permission's needed. Or if you won't let me 
>translate these things.
>Thank you.
>Best regards,
>Alexander "Croll" Savenkov (HTTP://Croll.Da.Ru, TheCroll@Yahoo.Com)

Received on Monday, 2 July 2001 02:59:48 UTC