RE: [Moderator Action] XML spec in spanish

- Hello Fabio,
- Many thanks for your work!

my pleasure :)

- A few comments:
- - Please make sure to have the relevant stylesheet.


- - Please make sure that you have a section at the top,
-   ended by a <HR>, that says that this is a translation,...


- - There are a lot of words with some upper-case letters, e.g.
-   estAn, apEndice, sirviO.

done. sorry... sometimes people down here when writing in old keyboards tend
to mark accents like that and then later make the replacement(prehistoric,i
know)... it is fixed now.

- - Some English text is left, e.g. "2.10 White Space Handling
-   In editing XML documents, it is often convenient to use "white space"...


You can reach the fixed version at the same location:

thanks for your valuable commments,


Received on Friday, 5 November 1999 06:29:45 UTC