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From: Peter Murray-Rust <Peter@ursus.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 22:29:56 GMT
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In message <317CDDD87D9CD011958100609712EB6B050B50@FLPS-NTSERVER1> "Rivers-Moore, Daniel" writes:
> 1)	I argued in an earlier posting ("Structure and Behaviour -
> Formatting and Behaviour") that behavioural attributes (ACTUATE and
> SHOW) should be removed from XML-LINK. What they specify should not be
> tied to the element, but should be specified in a stylesheet. No-one has
> so far argued against this on this list, as far as I am aware.

I am in sympathy with the separation of content (what something *is*) as opposed
to how it behaves/is rendered/etc.  However I went ahead and implemented JUMBO
according to XML-LINK970406 and here are some observations:

JUMBO does not use stylesheets, but does use the ACTUATE and SHOW attributes and
finds them quite useful.  [I suspect that JUMBO is oriented towards the DOM
approach.]  Therefore to provide them some layer more general than stylesheets
is required.

4.1 SHOW/EMBED suggests that a tree from a remote document can be embedded as
part of the document in which the XML-LINK appears.  With ACTUATE="AUTO" this
is not a stylesheet mechanism, but a way of combining components of documents.
I have got excited about this, and am building this feature into CML as it
is a useful way of combining fragments from more than one DTD.  Maybe I'm being
naughty in doing this, but I wouldn't like to be deprived of it.


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