Webont's position w.r.t XML Literal design

Dear RDFCore colleagues,

The Web Ontology Working Group has discussed its position w.r.t. the XML 
Literal design

 From the Webont perspective there were serious problems with the LC1
design of XML literals, as indicated by the official comments from
Webont and the individual comments from Patel-Schneider. The new XML
literal design, as specified in the current WDs, appears to Webont to
be a well-motivated rational design choice in a space of conflicting
requirements [1]. RDFCore has provided compelling arguments against the 
alternatives proposed by I18N (see e.g. [2]).  The current post-LC 
design works for OWL and is our preferred design in the context of the 
options currently on the table.

On behalf of the Web Ontology Working Group
Guus Schreiber, cochair

[2] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/2003Aug/0004

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Received on Thursday, 2 October 2003 16:38:42 UTC