Minutes of RDFCore telecon 2003-05-02



NOTE: Actions have been transcribed according to
      (hence the rather long action lines)

Roll call:
  Dave Beckett
  Dan Brickley
  Jeremy Carroll
  Mike Dean
  Jan Grant
  Pat Hayes
  Graham Klyne
  Brian McBride (chair)
  Frank Manola
  Eric Miller

date: 20030502

Regrets: Patrick Stickler, Jos De Roo

Item 3: Review agenda.
  No AOB

Item 4: Next telecon 2003-05-09 1000 Boston Time
  Scribe: Jeremy Carroll

Item 5: Minutes of 2003-04-25 with corrections

  Approved with correction (xmlsch-12 was postponed).

Item 6: Confirm Status of Completed Actions
  All done.

Item 7: RDFCore comments on OWL Reference

  Discussion of Brian's draft comments in

  DaveB, GK, FrankM, JJC read above.  Discussion of use of JosD's
  comments on bnodes in#owlref-rdfcore-transitive-datatype-properties
  and after discussion, Brian really wanted that to make the point.

ACTION 20030502#1 bwm send the comments in http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-rdfcore-wg/2003May/0002.html as comments from RDFCore on OWL Reference LCWD

Item 8: RDFCore comments on OWL AS+S

  Discussion of Jan's comments in
  Reviewed by JJC, BWM.
  On 2.1 - Jan proposes to strike this comment, agreed.  Jan
  agreed to split typos from substantive issues and give the latter
  issue IDs.  Jan agreed to drop 2.2 comment on NFC.

  Discussion of and was unclear what the intended meaning was
  here.  After explanation it was note that the meaning was as intended
  but it wasn't clear, Jan to reword to ask WebOnt to make this "hack"
  explicit, it was non-obvious.

ACTION 20030502#2 jang send revised OWL S+AS words to the rdfcore list

  Discussion of 4.1 and translation table - much disliked and found
  difficult to use, highly opaque.

ACTION 20030502#3 gk review 4.1 of AS&S especially the translation to triples table, with an eye on implementation.
ACTION 20030502#4 jang split s+as comments in 0291 into editorial substantial issues, with issue ids
ACTION 20030502#5 jjc explain point about use of (restrictions on use of )blank nodes in OWL DL, Lite and propose a comment for OWL

Item 9: Status on Incoming Last Call Comments


Item 10: Issue timbl-03

ACTION 20030502#6 jjc Tell webont co-chairs that jjc will be dropping his objection to removing this on friday due to lack of webont response.
ACTION 20030502#7 bwm Remind webont co-chairs about timbl-03 issue
ACTION 20030502#8 eric put timbl-03 issue on the agenda for next SWCG 

item 11: danc-04 add a trivially true predicate

  Discussion of background to this issue -- comments, xml comments,
  xml schema comments and rdf comments

  PROPOSED to postpone danc-04 on the grounds that:
  it's too new, too late and not sufficiently motivated, well
  understood or discussed, and could be explored in later specs.
  Give encouragement to try implementing this.

  prop danbri; seconded jjc; against 0; abstain: 0

  APPROVED danc-04 postponement

ACTION 20030502#9 bwm add danc-04 to postponed issues list
ACTION 20030502#10 danbri send the formal response on postponing danc-04 to the comments list and submitter along with grounds for postponal.

Item 12: Issues vass-02 property instances

  Discussion of this comment and the general approach of the FORTH
  group - a different interpretation of RDF M&S and it's open world
  design principles.

  PROPOSAL in http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-rdfcore-wg/2003Apr/0305.html
  proposed: danbri; seconded jjc; against: 0; abstain: 0

  APPROVED vass-02 not accepted

ACTION 20030502#11 danbri send the formal response on non-accepting vass-02 to the comments list and submitter using message 2003Apr/0305 with a new example.

Item 13: Issues xmlsch-03 xmlsch-04 pfps-13

  PROPOSED to clarify xmlsch-03 xmlsch-04 pfps-13
  based on the proposal to close in

  proposed: jjc, seconded gk; against: 0; abstain: 0 

ACTION 20030502#12 jjc update the Concepts WD with words after discussion with PatH and GK based on 2003Apr/0368.html text

ACTION 20030502#13 jjc send formal responses to submitters after issues dealt with in 2003Apr/0368.html

Item 14: Proposed XML schema class

  Discussion of adding an rdfs:Schema to enable discover,
  identification and organisation of vocabularies.  Comparing this to
  owl:Ontology as a solution, which has no formal semantics.

ACTION 20030502#14 bwm allocate a formal comment ID for the rdfs:Schema issue

  PROPOSED: to accept this comment and will use owl:Ontology and will
    include in the schema for RDF Schema

  proposed: bwm, seconded [missed], against: 0; abstain: ILRT (DaveB), PatH 

ACTION 20030502#15 danbri send formal responses to submitter on this issue (after a new LC Issue ID is allocated)
ACTION 20030502#16 danbri add owl:Ontology to the RDF schema for rdfs

Item 15: Language tags in typed literals.

  Discussion, no consensus yet.

ACTION 20030502#17 jjc make a proposal to the list to treat XMLLiteral like any other datatype

Item 16: Issue xmlsch-01 Typed Literal Structure

  Discussed with item 15.

Item 17: Issue xmlsch-02 Whitespace facets

  Not reached

Meeting closed.

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