Minutes for telecon 2003-02-07



Roll call:


  Dan Brickley
  Jeremy Carroll
  Jan Grant (scribe)
  Pat Hayes
  Graham Klyne
  Frank Manola
  Brian McBride (chair)
  Eric Miller
  Steve Petschulat

  Dave Beckett, Jos de Roo, Patrick Stickler

Next week's meeting:
  14 February, contrary to agenda.
  Scribe: Jan again.

Minutes of last week's telecon:

Item 6: Soliciting last call reviews
  ALL DONE (that is, all solicitations sent)

Item 7: Handling last call comments
  Brian's process summary:

  Suggest that a typo requires no change ID.
  Changes are ANYTHING that's done post last call, even if it was due
  from before last call. Thus, we record changes against the document
  that people reviewed.

  The chair was insistent that there was one copy of the LC document
  available for review. Changes post LC should not be publicised
  until all LC comments are in (deadline 21 Feb).

  So if you're managing incremental updates in CVS, don't put back to
  web-visible space those changes until LC period is over!

ACTION 2003-02-07#1 (bwm) Put together a schedule for handling LC

Item 8: Subject/Predicate/Object terminology

  Chair desires consistent terminological use across documents.
  Frank wanted the primer to be readable English; so that document's
  terminological use is less critical.

ACTION 2003-02-07#2 (jjc) ensure CONCEPTS is accurate on its use of
	subject/predicate/object terminology

ACTION 2003-02-07#3 (jang) in Dave B's absence, check over syntax to see
	if any s/p/o terminological use is likely to require revision

ACTION 2003-02-07#4 (danbri) reference the appropriate definition of
	"triple" in RDFS. [This is presumably an aide-memoire action
	since danbri issued it himself!]

The meeting finished with two minutes for EM's AOB:

All AC reps to be contacted to ensure they filled out and returned the
RDFCore charter revision email by the deadline (end of that Friday)

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