Minutes of RDFCore telcon 2003-08-01



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date: 2003-08-01

2 Roll call:
  Dan Brickley
  Dave Beckett (scribe)
  Jos deRoo
  Mike Dean
  Jan Grant
  Pat Hayes
  Graham Klyne
  Frank Manola
  Eric Miller
  Brian McBride (chair)

  Regrets:  Jeremy Carroll, Patrick Stickler

3 Review agenda: AOB implementation report

4 Next telcon: 8 August 2003 10:00 Boston time
Scribe: Jan Grant offered, offered tentative regrets

5 Minutes of 25 Jul 2003 approved

6. Completed actions

Later, on
20030718#5 draft text for primer and work with Frank to integrate it
the action is complete - text is drafted, however may not yet be integreated.

7 Miscellaneous actions
20030425#10  	em  	carry xmlsch WG's offer of help wrt xmlsch-12 to semantic web coordination group

20030711#4  	danc  	to get a test case for pfps-09 into OWL test case doc

8 [ASCII]  Bel in plain literals
Discussion that there are some Unicode characters allowed in plain literals but
neither in xsd:strings or not legal in XML.  PatH is working on new wording.
This is another issue where graphs cannot be written in XML.

9 I18N Update
BWM attended I18N telcon tuesday to get a better understanding.  Issues that he saw
  * Markup integrity - picking markup out of xml and have to mark it to keep it's language context
    such as by html <span xml:lang="..">  </span>. then you have modified the markup and might not
    be able to reconstruct it.

  * Mixed text - similar argument

  * Comparing plain literals with XML literals - such as comparing "lit" with "lit"^^rdf:XMLLiteral

No clear test cases so far.

10 Primer
Will be updated by Monday 4th August
BWM still owes a review

11 Concepts
Words about XML literals still needs some changes

ACTION 2003-08-01#1 bwm will take a pass through concepts and send jeremy a todo list for catchup after holiday ASAP

12 Syntax
Some changes pending - SVG (draft sent to list already), XML literal (yet to be sent)
and the conformance statement.
Macintosh file type is not same in syntax document and the draft MIME type registration doc.

ACTION 2003-08-01#2 daveb: sync with aaron on macintosh file type and make sure the docs are consistent and use the same type

13 Schema
Latest RDFS status update in http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-rdfcore-wg/2003Aug/0016.html
Several changes till being drafted - on pfps-11 change response 
and new issue on words in comments of rdfs:comment describing rdfs:member.

Managing the documents at the namespace URIs - danbri wanted help in splitting the rdf/xml
in the appendix:
into two for the namespace docs.

ACTION 2003-08-01#3 bwm: help danbri split the rdf schema appendix into the 2 new namespace URIs rdf schema documents by Monday 4th August.

Later in the meeting danbri updated http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema

15 Test Cases
A couple of clarification responses to make on bagId (Arjohn) and on HP's
run of the test cases by Dave Reynolds - only one significant issue there.
JanG will rebuild the test case zip.

ACTION 2003-08-01#4 jang: respond to daveR on his comments on testcases

JosD raised that it was a shame that test cases which forward reasoners will
fail on and with respect to whitespace facets for XML schema datatypes, most
XSD implementions accept " 3 " as a valid XSD int rather than the strictly invalid
that it is.

ACTION 2003-08-01#5 bwm put the invalid xsd int " 3 " on jjc's todo list

16 implementation report
Use cases http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/EO/usecases/
EMiller reported that it needs filling out and waiting for C# implementation (Drive).
JosD reported he has one, eulersharp http://sourceforge.net/projects/eulersharp
which implements more than just RDF/XML parsing in C#.

Draft PR advance http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/RDFCore/20030331-advance.html
Use case reports: http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/EO/usecases/reports

Discussion of implementation not just over implementation language but coverage
and interoperation.  Schema, entailments, editors, users of the vocabularies.

JosD reported Euler currently fails 5 tests (some are the xsd " 5 " being valid)
however this is the same for Jena2 with DaveR, since they use the same libraries.
DaveB noted 3Store currently fails 1.
Emiller expecting an implementation report from cwm, surnia (Sandro Hawke)
DaveB owes EMiller a report for redland.

WebOnt request to proceed to CR at http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/WebOnt/rqim.html
was submitted 2003-07-30

DaveB offers to help EMiller with the implementation report.

Group concurred that the documents would be read for PR/CR proposal next week.
It is not yet decided whether to go to PR or CR.  Prepare to vote on proceeding
and which choice.

14 Semantics
PatH has fixed the various bugs (rdfs inconsistency) and tweak to the value space
for XML literals.  A discussion of whether the empty graph entails (simple or rdf-entails)
rdf:_1 rdf:type Property.  [scribe lost the thread here]


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