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Fwd: Your Ideas Sought for the Mar 2003 Technical Plenary

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>Subject: Your Ideas Sought for the Mar 2003 Technical Plenary
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>Dear Chairs and Team,
>As you know, the World Wide Web Consortium's All-Group Meeting will take 
>place from 3 through 7 March 2003 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, 
>Massachusetts, USA ...
>     http://www.w3.org/2002/10/allgroupoverview.html
>The Program Committee* solicits your ideas for topics for the Technical 
>Plenary, to be held on Wednesday 5 March 2003.  Please provide your input 
>by 9 November 2002 to the Tech Plenary list ...
>     mailto:member-techplenary@w3.org
>There are many fascinating and critical technical challenges to face as we 
>"lead the Web to its full potential".  Tell us which topics you feel would 
>make this 3rd annual event an:
>   -     intensely interesting,
>   -     educational,
>   -     inspiring, and
>   -     unifying
>experience for the diverse group of participants from across the W3C's 
>broad range of Working and Interest Groups.
>For those who have not attended a previous Tech Plenary, the feedback on 
>the  programs has been as diverse as their participants:    Good 
>idea.  Fun. Too much process.  Not technical enough.  Too technical.  Of 
>interest to too narrow a group.  Too general. Too much blood (or 
>argument).  More blood! ..... You might want to check out  the agenda from 
>the February 2002 TP ...
>     http://www.w3.org/2001/07/Plenary/Agenda.html
>The format for the 2003 event is also open for your 
>input:  Presentations.  Demonstrations.  Panel discussions. 
>Debates.  Audience participation.  Etc.  We want to engage the thoughts of 
>and encourage active participation from as many of the attendees as possible.
>What would you like to see?
>We look forward to your suggestions for agenda topics and formats. We will 
>carefully consider all input, and publish an agenda in January 2003.
>Thanks in advance.
>For the Technical Plenary Program Committee*
>* Program Committee for the 2003 W3C Technical Plenary:  Paul Cotton, 
>Microsoft; Debbie Dahl, Conversational Technologies; Donald Eastlake, 
>Motorola; Al Gilman, Protocols & Formats WG; Patrick Ion, University of 
>Michigan and Mathematical Reviews; Brian McBride, HP; Noah Mendelsohn, 
>IBM,; David Orchard, BEA; Steven Pemberton, W3C; Janet Daly, W3C, Steve 
>Bratt, W3C (Chair)
>Steven R Bratt, Chief Operating Officer       mailto:steve@w3.org
>World Wide Web Consortium                      http://www.w3.org
>MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, 200 Technology Square, Room NE43-352
>Cambridge, MA 02139, USA     Voice: +1-617-253-7697     Fax: +1-617-258-5999
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