Minutes RDF Core WG Telcon 2002-12-06



1: Scribe:
   Dave Beckett
   Next week, Graham Klyne

2: Roll Call
   Dave Beckett (scribe)
   Dan Brickley
   Jeremy Carroll
   Dan Connolly
   Jos De Roo
   Jan Grant
   Pat Hayes
   Graham Klyne
   Frank Manola
   Brian McBride (chair)
   Steve Petschulat
   Patrick Stickler
   Aaron Swartz
   Ralph Swick (for Eric Miller)

   Eric Miller

3: Review agenda
   AOB: rdf:value discussion, taken under item 7

4: Next telecon 13th Dec 2002

5: Minutes of 2002-11-2 telecon


6: Confirm Status of Completed Actions

ACTION: 2002-02-25#21 EricM
ACTION: 2002-04-26#5 Eric
ACTION: 2002-05-03#1 bwm
ACTION: 2002-11-08#5 jjc

all confirmed DONE

7: Primer

Latest editor's version known:

Discussion of primer mentioning rdf:value and other vocabulary things
discused "over and above" what is said in the Semantics WD.
bwm notes WG has already decided to keep rdf:value with no formal
meaning, not to deprecate and this issue is not reopened.
FrankM will try to get a new version out by Dec 13.

ACTION 2002-12-06#1 PatH: suggest alternate text on rdf:value for
  primer by Monday 9th 

ACTION 2002-12-06#2 PatH: update the rdf:value desc in the semantics doc

ACTION 2002-12-06#3 PatrickS: draft one paragraph about
  rdfs:isDefinedBy and other terms to draw out them for readers of
  the primer

8: Concepts Doc

The latest editor's version known is:


Editors agreed to not mention semantic extensions in the concepts
doc; PatH also happy with this.  Editors are ready for last call and
can meet Dec 13 deadline.

ACTION 2002-12-06#4 jjc: Write explicit definition of blank nodes in concepts.

ACTION 2002-12-06#5 jjc: Do concepts doc section renumbering/reordering
   by Tuesday 10th Dec 

9: Semantics Doc

Latest editor's version known is:

PatH is pretty much done, some HTML, anchors to fix.  Can meet Dec 13
deadline.  Discussion of datatypes schema, where to put it.
Suggestion that the schema be moved to a separate document and worked
at a different rate outside this WD.

[scribe note: I think above might be an action to PatH or an
editorial change].

ACTION 2002-12-06#6 jang: Check the use of rdf:XMLLiteral in the
  current RDF Semantics editor's draft and its effect on test cases.

10: Syntax Document

Editor confirms is ready.  Parsetype literal paragraph discussion
nearly wordsmithed.  Considered taking out relaxng schema, won't do
for last call wd.  Doc will be ready by Dec 13.

11: Schema

Doc isn't quite ready.  danbri will attempt to get a new version for
Dec 13 review.

12: Testcases

JanG is working on the document and expects to have a new version out
with updated test cases by Dec 11 and thus meeting Dec 13 deadline.
Some specific test cases will need reviewing,  These will be brought
to the group around Wed Dec 11.  Discussion of specific ones - some
.rdf test case files have non-rdf:RDF root or multiple ones; these
aren't rdf/xml.  Exact tests to be determined by JanG.

ACTION 2002-12-06#7 JanG: Find the test cases with rdf:RDF issues (we
  think xml:base ones).  Find out what the test cases were testing
  and adddress replacing/deleting or updating as appropriate.

ACTION 2002-12-06#8 PatH: Produce wording on effective use of
  closure rules on datatyping (sec 4.3 ?)

ACTION 2002-12-06#9 jang: Check list of testcase actions under item
  12 agenda in
  and confirm with bwm that they are all done.

13: LBase Document

danbri reports some changes from PatH yet to be folded in.  This
document is now refered to from RDF Semantics WD, so needs to be out
before last call of the latter.  danbri will work on that after
schema WD work; intending to pub lbase after Dec 13.

14: The last deliverable

Re: RDFCore deliverable:
   * provide an account of the relationship between RDF and the
     XML family of technologies (particularly Schemas and Infoset/Query)

Discussion of approaches and suggestion from RalphS that given that
the WG has addressed XML in other docs (syntax XML infoset etc),
datatypes & XSD, then this could be addressed by WG-endoresed FAQs.

DECISION: Will produce FAQs on the relationship between XML and RDF

ACTION 2002-12-06#10  bwm: to ensure rdf and xml FAQs get written

15: Schedule

Discussion of dates and holidays mean it may be tricky to get all
editors available at telcons.  Concern that positive affirmation for
publication is given by WG members and agreement that this was needed.

ACTION 2002-12-06#11  bwm: work out the voting process for last call
  approval, possibly involving email.

16: Publication Process



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