Re: Issue

>>>Brian McBride said:
> Hi Dave,
> Good proposal.  Like the use of test cases.

That email is now [1]

> When you said:
> >   <Description xmlns:rdf=""
> >                about="">
> did you mean:
> >   <Description xmlns=""
>                  ^^^^^
> >                about="">

Yes, sorry - I should have checked with a parser (!) before I sent
it.  Just to repeat, the above was example #2 of what would be allowed
since the Description element was impliclity in the RDF namespace
(with the correction above) and the about attribute could therefore
be interpreted.

> Regarding handling non-syntactic properties, I'd suggest that whatever
> we
> do, we do it consistently.
> One thing to note is that the current grammar specifies that syntactic
> attributes can always be unqualified.  If we are going to change that
> we should check what, if anything will break and perhaps we should
> deprecate rather than immediately outlaw.

(Again using the IETF words for requirement levels from RFC 2119  I propose we use these.)

Deprecation is a stronger alternative to what I proposed but I would
support that as an alternative change.  Something like this:

  In RDF 1.1 namespaced attributes MUST be accepted on input and MUST
  be emitted on output.  Non-namespaced attributes MUST be accepted
  on input but MUST NOT be emitted.  In the next version of the
  syntax, non-namespaced attributes SHALL be rejected RDF 1.1 input.

> I've written up some test cases as an XML file (text at the end of this
> message in lieu of getting a directory set up to hold test cases), and
> run them through the parsers I have access to.


I have similar tests I used for Rapier to make sure I got this
support working but I also did some adhoc checking with other parsers
and found inconsistencies.  Some more strict ones took the grammar
literally and forbid rdf:resource etc. (this is from memory) which is
a valid interpretation of the spec, if you ignore the M&S examples
which use rdf:about :-)



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