I ask the RDF Core WG consider the proposal for this issue
based on the document written by Brian McBride and myself:

  A Proposed Interpretation of RDF Containers

where we make several proposals:

  1. remove the ambiguity by making the container productions
     part of the typedNode (6.13) production
  2. make rdf:li legal wherever propName (6.14) can be used
  3. describe rules for processing rdf:li into specific enumerated
     rdf:_<n> properties
  4. give a description of the interaction with rdf:aboutEach

although #4 may need to be deferred dependent on what, if anything is
done with rdf:aboutEach.

The above have no or minimal impact on existing deployed RDF or
parsers, and actually make the grammar more regular for parsing.


Received on Monday, 23 April 2001 06:21:59 UTC