Re: Issue


We discussed:

at a Team meeting and we propose:

1. The grammar in section 6. of the M&S spec:

 should be changed so that all of the RDF attributes (e.g. about,
 resource, etc.) are qualified with a RDF namespace.

2. Text along the lines of the following should be added to the M&S spec:

    All elements and attributes in RDF must be namespace qualified

Among the reasons for this position:

o It is a myth that unqualified attributes inherit the namespace of
 their enclosing element.   See the Namespace Myths, particularly
 Myth #4:

o XPath support is becoming more pervasive and by using it, finding
 qualified attributes is fairly easy

o Search engines (such as google) would have trouble following pointers
 from one RDF document to another and a simple XPath expression to find
 pointers would help them without having to process all of RDF

o Prefixed attributes work today with most of the deployed code


Received on Tuesday, 24 April 2001 20:50:09 UTC