Re: RDF changes

This sounds like a sensible idea to me.  It would be a useful rough
classification of the issues, along the lines Brian suggested earlier. 
For one thing, a formal semantics of just the triple model should be a
relatively straightforward exercise (e.g., using those developed for
DAML+OIL).  It would also be worthwhile to get a more detailed picture
of which existing uses of RDF would be disturbed by which changes.  For
example, how much do existing implementations use reification, and
exactly how do they use it?  


"R.V.Guha" wrote:
> In the spirit of considering changes to what exists, I'd like to propose
> that we  at least consider the following:
> RDF M&S puts too many things in one "layer". Maybe we should
> have a core which does nothing but define the triple model (and
> maybe a syntax). Then comes schema concepts like Class, domain
> etc. Then come layers for container, reification, etc.
> This will help us put RDF on a firmer logical basis, help explain it,
> help implementations, ...
> Maybe the new thing is not called RDF, but xRDF or something like
> that.
> guha

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