Re: Latest version of the Infoset

John Boyer wrote:
> Hi Philippe,
> Actually, the status of the document says it is the 'about to become CR'
> working draft that has been created to address the concerns raised in
> last call.  There is no indication that another last call will occur
> before infoset becomes a CR.

That's indeed the current plan.

> Thus, it would be helpful to know what aspect of last call feedback
> caused the editors to remove entity ref and cdata markers.

CDATA section markers were removed based primarily on feedback from the
I18N WG, which stated that, because CDATA sections are limited to
certain character sets (because one can't use character references in
them), they cannot be considered as anything else than syntactic sugar.
Therefore they have no place in the infoset. This same argument has been
made by several reviewers and after due consideration the XML Core WG
decided to go along with this.
The removal of entity ref markers also matches the current trend at W3C.
Most WGs work with a data model where entity references are expanded.
Because the XML Infoset is meant to serve as many other WGs as possible,
and because it can be extended by anyone to carry extra information such
as character refs, it seemed only normal to go along with the requests
we received.
In addition, the XML Core WG was facing serious issues in XInclude with
regard to markers. Their removal made all these issues go away.
Arnaud  Le Hors - Co-chair of XML Core WG

Received on Wednesday, 28 March 2001 16:48:06 UTC