Re: AW: KeyInfo (Was: Urgent: W3C Guidlines on Namespace structure)

At 21:52 3/15/2001 +0100, Gregor Karlinger wrote:
>o You argue, that you can maintain a defined sequence of the certain
>   types of children within KeyInfo. But this is only true, as long as
>   there are used only the predefined types of XML-Signature. The sequence
>   cannot be maintained any more if there are more than two newly defined
>   types are used:
>o As Merlin argues, it would be sufficient to semantically restrict the
>   number of occurences for KeyValue to a maximum of one; this would increase
>   the number of possibilities for reuse of the KeyInfo type by other 
> parties.

Thank you for your responses Gregor and Merlin. We'll leave KeyInfo as a 
choice (instead of a sequence).

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