Fwd: Canonical XML Version 1.0 Becomes a W3C Recommendation

Congradulations and thanks to the WG, commentors, and John for a job well 
done! I expect an equivalent InfoRFC will be published very soon.

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W3C is pleased to announce that Canonical XML Version 1.0 has become a
W3C Recommendation.

Canonical XML Version 1.0
15 March 2001

	John Boyer, PureEdge Solutions Inc.
Any XML document is part of a set of XML documents that are logically 
equivalent within an application context, but which vary in physical 
representation based on syntactic changes permitted by XML 1.0 [XML] and 
Namespaces in XML [Names]. This specification describes a method for 
generating a physical representation, the canonical form, of an XML document 
that accounts for the permissible changes. Except for limitations regarding 
a few unusual cases, if two documents have the same canonical form, then the 
two documents are logically equivalent within the given application context. 
Note that two documents may have differing canonical forms yet still be 
equivalent in a given context based on application-specific equivalence 
rules for which no generalized XML specification could account.

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