Re: Poll: Limiting KeyValue to a single Instance?

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    on 01/02/20, "Joseph M. Reagle Jr." <> writes:
> Carl indicated he'd like the KeyValue to refer to the validation key; Brian 
> pointed out that this structure is already being used in other contexts were 
> multiple instances are used.
> Given this issue didn't command intense passions nor agreement I suppose we 
> should stick with what we have: "a key that may be useful in validating the 
> signature?" Kent, does this answer your question satisfactorily?

A KeyInfo element represents information about *a* key, doesn't it?

4.4 The KeyInfo Element, 2nd paragraph:
>> Multiple declarations within KeyInfo refer to the same key. 

Multiple KeyValue elements in a KeyInfo element make no sense
according to this sentence.  If one wants to transfer multiple
keys at once, one should define container element, that includes
multiple KeyInfo elements.

TAMURA Kent @ Tokyo Research Laboratory, IBM

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