RE: getting WebDAV SEARCH ready for the IESG

First and foremost I would be in favor of wording that is consistent
with what's outlined in section 2.3.1, for truncation.  From a client
perspective, I would think that the MUST wording in section 5.17.1 is
most desirable.  However, from a practical (and admittedly self-serving)
point of view, simply stating that the results MUST ordered as the
client directed, would be preferred.  Section 2.3.1 goes on to say:

"... the partial results returned MAY be any subset of the result set
that would have satisfied the original query".

Perhaps in section 5.17.1 the additional sentence could be phrased:

"... the results that are included in the response document SHOULD be
those that order highest"



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John Barone wrote:
> The Xythos server currently doesn't implement the limit feature.  The 
> server does truncate results based on a server setting.  Making sure 
> the truncated results are globally ordered is difficult, for the 
> reasons you outlined and particularly when the search spans multiple
data stores.

...another good point I forgot.

> Implementing the limit feature would pose the same ordering
> I think making 5.17.1 a MUST places a heavy burden on the server 
> implementation.

One alternative would be "SHOULD", another one would be just stating
that DAV:limit is optional, and servers that can't do the MUST level
requirement should reject the query.

Any preference?

BR, Julian

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