Re: getting WebDAV SEARCH ready for the IESG

John Barone wrote:
> The Xythos server currently doesn't implement the limit feature.  The
> server does truncate results based on a server setting.  Making sure the
> truncated results are globally ordered is difficult, for the reasons you
> outlined and particularly when the search spans multiple data stores.

...another good point I forgot.

> Implementing the limit feature would pose the same ordering challenges.
> I think making 5.17.1 a MUST places a heavy burden on the server
> implementation.

One alternative would be "SHOULD", another one would be just stating 
that DAV:limit is optional, and servers that can't do the MUST level 
requirement should reject the query.

Any preference?

BR, Julian

Received on Monday, 4 August 2008 17:40:11 UTC