clandestine move of draft-daboo-webdav-mkcol

Correct me if I'm wrong:

2007-11-12 C. Daboo posted 
<> and announced 
it on <>

 From 2007-11-12 to 2007-12-01 four people (including the author of the 
draft) posted ten contributions to the discussion. There was no 
consensus. The latest contribution from the author dates 2007-11-19.

There was no further public discussion about that draft.

refers to this draft and got no answer from the author of the draft.

2008-05-14 the draft expired.

2008-05-14, the same day, the draft was recycled (with small changes) as 

The recycled draft is assigned to Vcarddav working group, though the 
draft claims to be *not* specific to any WebDAV-extension.

The recycled draft was not announced on <> nor on 

There was no announcement of an intended move on <>. 
But obviously this move was intended (posting it with a new name at the 
very date when it expires).

- Is this a new kind of creating open standards?
- Searching for the list of least resistance?
- Any relations to the employer of C. Daboo (Apple Inc.)?


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