Re: lock-null's Still Locked after MKCOL or PUT conversion?

John Baumgarten wrote:
> BTW, at Apple (.Mac, that is) we will be moving away from lock-nulls 
> toward a 2518bis-06 style treatment of "namespace reservation".  As 
> suggested, we create a zero-byte locked resource, but we add with a 
> special property "namespace-reservation" in our server namespace.  The 
> value of this property is the lock-token that created it.
> We allow the following "legacy" behavior on a namespace-reservation 
> resource:
> 1. If converted by any PUT, the special property is removed.  Thus the 
> resource is no longer a "namespace-reservation".
> 2.  A MKCOL is allowed on this resource if the namespace-reservation 
> property is still present, which then removes the special property.
> 3.  If an UNLOCK method is successfully executed on the resource passing 
> the lock-token that created the namespace-reservation, while it still 
> possess the special property, the resource is deleted.  Successful 
> execution requires ownership of the lock.

So, in the end they behave again like the original lock-null resources? 
What exactly is the point in making that change then?

Best regards, Julian

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Received on Wednesday, 2 February 2005 13:41:58 UTC