Re: Perils of "guidance" (was Re: lock-null's Still Locked after MKCOL or PUT conversion?)

Joe Hildebrand wrote:

> Perhaps we should go ahead and start an implementation guide wiki (or 
> similar), so that the "guidance" texts have a place to live, so that 
> people feel like those clarifications won't get lost if they aren't in 
> the spec.

Funny enough, we *do* have a Wiki running on 
(<>), installed by Greg 
Stein. We could give that one a try.

> Those who want a more explicit spec won't like this, since the text will 
> clearly be non-normative, and there will be two places to go to figure 
> out what to implement.  However, if it means that implementors don't 
> have to solve the puzzle box themselves (if they know where to look), 
> maybe that would be good enough.

Also, discussion and collaboration over there may end in text that can 
go into potential spec errata, spec revisions or new documents.

> ...

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