Re: Clarifying text and spec completeness

Hi Ted,

in general I agree, but I'd like to add two points:

- Adding guidance or clarification can be dangerous, if it isn't done 
carefully. I speak from experience, having added two clarifications in 
the previous drafts that turned out to be simply incorrect (thanks to 
Geoff and Roy catching these).

- Many of the clarifications that people ask for have nothing to do with 
BIND, but with the base spec (RFC2518). Rather than discussing these 
things for BIND, I'd much prefer to get BIND out of the door, and then 
to invest our time into RFC2518bis (where those things really belong), 
which hasn't made a lot of progress in the last year.

Best regards,


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Received on Friday, 28 January 2005 20:21:00 UTC