Re: Discovering bindings in BIND

Joe Hildebrand wrote:
> Assume I'm writing an authoring client, and want to show UI to the user with
> an enumeration of all of the bindings to a particular resource.  Section 2.9

In general, you can't display *all* bindings to a resource. There may be 
an infinite number (if a parent collection has a bind loop).

> of BIND says I get the DAV:parent-set property.  However, section 3.2 says
> (and the example in 3.2.1 confirms) that not all of the binding paths can be
> returned in that property.

It returns all bindings (each with a URI to the collection it's in). If 
you need to compute all *paths*, you'll need to redo that step 
recursively for these collections.

> Is the idea that the client would walk up the tree looking for other paths
> to this resource?

Yes, if it needs to. It just has to keep in mind that doing it without 
special loop checks may result in an infinite loop.

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