Lisa Dusseault wrote:

> I'm mostly happy with this, although as with much of the specs where 
> preconditions are defined, it doesn't say in which cases the server MUST 
> (or SHOULD or MAY) return this precondition.  For backward 
> compatibility, I suggest that servers SHOULD or MAY return this 
> precondition in the body of a 423 Locked response.  Other commenters?  
> Will servers actually implement this?

makes this a "MUST" level requirement. Realistically, we may want to 
make that a SHOULD, because it may be hard for some servers to implement 
that (on the other hand we *do* want them to implement the more 
important changes such as DAV:lockroot). And after all, no big harm is 
done when it's not returned.

Feedback appreciated.


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