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Status of ACL specification

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@cse.ucsc.edu>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:25:47 -0800
To: "WebDAV" <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>

There is an item on the WG agenda for a brief overview of the ACL
specification status. I thought I'd give my brief impression on its current
status here, and Lisa can add her sense of its status during the WG meeting
as well.

The ACL specification has finished its 2 week IETF-wide last call for
comments period, with only two comments being registered, one from Ned
Freed, and another from IANA. Both can be found in the archives of the ACL
discussion list (http://mailman.webdav.org/pipermail/acl/).

The ACL specification has been revised based on these comments, as well as
other comments received on the ACL discussion list (acl@webdav.org) since
the release of the -09 specification (this is the version that went through
IETF-wide review). This preliminary -10 version of the specification is now
available at (http://www.webdav.org/acl/). Over the next few days we'll be
tweaking language in this specification to resolve any final issues. An
implication of this is that if you want to review this specification (i.e.,
if you think you might implement this specification someday), you should do
so *immediately*.

The intent is to publish a new Internet-Draft, draft-ietf-webdav-acl-10,
immediately after the Atlanta IETF meeting (i.e., on or about the 25th of
November). This draft will then be sent to the IESG for review, and
hopefully approval. Assuming it is approved, publication as an RFC will
happen about 1-2 months afterwards.

So, we're on track for the ACL specification moving to RFC in early 2003.

- Jim
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