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Enabling WebDAV for home folder web sites

From: Frank Lowney <flowney@mail.gcsu.edu>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 12:44:10 -0400
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To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org

Environment: MacOS X 10.2.1 (Apache w/ Mod_DAV)

Following the Admin Guide PDF for MacOS X Server 10.2.1, I note that 
turning on the webserver  will enable BOTH a general web site 
(http://aladdin.gcsu.edu:8080) and web sites for all account holders 
(http://aladdin.gcsu.edu:8080/~flowney).  I am using port 80 in 
conjunction with QTSS so must use another port for the webserver but 
that's not relevant to my question.

My goal is to enable WebDAV realms for all users and this works fine 
on the general webserver (Library/Webserver/Documents/ ... ) but 
apparently not for home directories (Users/flowney/Sites/).  When I 
attempt to set a realm to a home directory, I get an error message as 

The folder entered for this realm is not within the site's Web folder.
Please enter or select another folder that is part of the site's Web 
folder and try saving again.

Is it that WebDAV cannot work within the context of a home folder web 
site or is it that Apple has decided not to implement WebDAV for user 
folders at this time?  Clearly, the GUI disallows this but could I 
not manually implement WebDAV for home folder web sites in some way? 
If so, please point me to any supporting documentation on how to do 
this.  We have a lot of faculty who would very much prefer to use 
WebDAV in conjunction with Dreamweaver, GoLive and FrontPage 2002.

Please CC any replies and thanks in advance for any illumination.
Dr. Frank Lowney  flowney@mail.gcsu.edu
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     Office of Information and Instructional Technology,
     Professional Pages: http://www.gcsu.edu/oiit/eis/
     Personal Pages: http://www.faculty.de.gcsu.edu/~flowney
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