FW: 55th IETF WG/BOF Scheduling - DRAFT Agenda

The WebDAV WG meeting at Atlanta is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday
afternoon, November 19. Note that the IETF schedule may change if
conflicts arise.  Other interesting tentatively scheduled meetings:
 - Monday am: Apps area open meeting
 - Monday pm: Open Pluggable Edge [Web] Services
 - Wednesday pm: LDAP replication
 - Wednesday pm: Cross-registry Information Services Protocol
 - Wednesday eve: IAB Plenary
 - Thursday eve: IESG Plenary

Let Jim and me know if you've got items for the agenda.  I am sure we'll
discuss RFC2518 bis issues, including how to handle lock tokens &
trailing slashes.  We may also discuss DASL.


Received on Monday, 30 September 2002 12:48:36 UTC