Required properties with no value [WAS: workspace property on res ources that aren't in workspaces]

This is a good question, and it applies to any "required" property that
sometimes has "no value" (e.g. DAV:checked-in and DAV:checked-out).

So this question probably should be answered in 2518bis (I'll forward
this message to the WebDAV list), but we certainly could take a stab
at it in the DeltaV context first.

Like Julian, I'd probably be inclined to "b", but don't feel strongly
either way.  Anyone prefer "a", prefer to decide separately for each
property, or prefer that we leave it up to the server?


   From: Julian Reschke []

   section 6.2.1 [of rfc 3253] says:

   "The DAV:workspace property of a workspace resource MUST identify
   itself.  The DAV:workspace property of any other type of resource
   MUST be the same as the DAV:workspace of its parent collection."

   It seems to be undefined however what the value is if a resource doesn't
   *have* a (DAV-compliant) parent collection, for instance the root of my

   So what should it be?

   a) not present
   b) empty (no href)

   Julian (leaning to b)

Received on Thursday, 26 September 2002 14:27:40 UTC