RE: comments on RFC2518bis-02, sec 13.16

   From: Julian Reschke []

   > From: Jason Crawford

   > So how about adding "as with all XML elements"?  Or "as per
   > [ref]"?  I just think it's a good idea to remind folks since they
   > won't always be aware of this.  I believe there was even
   > confusion on this list six months ago in a compatibility
   > discussion involving the dav:source tag until this was pointed
   > out.

   I still dislike this because if it's mentioned in one place, people
   may deduce that it says something about the cases where it doesn't.

I agree with Julian.  Picking a couple of spots to emphasize this
general rule could easily lead people to (mistakenly) conclude that
the rule is only important in those places.  I believe that the
original 2518 approach is better, i.e. state the general rule clearly
in one place.


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