RE: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-webdav-rfc2518bis-02.txt

I replied in private mail, but again, here's the relevant standards on
this issue:
"The Internet-Drafts directories are available to provide authors with
the ability to distribute and solicit comments on documents they may
eventually submit to the IESG for publication as an RFC.";
" During the development of a specification, draft versions of the
   document are made available for informal review and comment by
   placing them in the IETF's "Internet-Drafts" directory, which is
   replicated on a number of Internet hosts.  This makes an evolving
   working document readily available to a wide audience, facilitating
   the process of review and revision."

I won't take a stand on whether it was wrong of the ACL editors to
circulate drafts in such a manner that you had to be a mailing list
member in order to know there was new text to look at.  It's a grey
area, because when multiple authors are working on a new document, it's
important to be able to share it.  

I firmly believe that it is correct for a draft to go to the IETF
Internet-Draft repository when it is circulated to the entire WG mailing
list.  I would be happy to have Patrick, Ned or Harald correct me on


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> Lisa,
> it's just that I think a *lot* of bad mood could be avoided if there
was a
> time window between edits on the I-D and the actual submission. As you
> have
> seen, many of the changes you made *are* controversial. So maybe the
> approach the WG is/was using for the ACL draft makes more sense
> when
> stable instead of submit when new)?
> Julian
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> >
> >
> > > but I really have a problem with the process here. Why is the I-D
> > > submitted
> > > *before* there is consensus on the changes?
> > >
> > To be clear, I thought that for all the issues in the draft, either:
> >  - they weren't controversial,
> >  - OR they were controversial but consensus (not unanimity) was
> >
> > And in any case, it's the exact wording that needs to be seen to
> > determine real consensus.  When I-D's are published, it's correct to
> > publish them to the I-D repository, rather than just circulate them
> > the list.  If we were only to circulate a RFC2518-bis text document
> > the DAV list, then non-list-members wouldn't have the same awareness
> > accessibility to the document that they have if documents are
> > correctly.
> >
> > Also, I thought this goes without saying, but nobody is implying
> > this I-D is anywhere ready for WG last call.  There are major
> > issues.
> >
> > We always encourage discussion and if desired straw polls on the
> >
> > lisa
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