Re: Interop issue: how can clients force authentication?

Am Mittwoch den, 18. September 2002, um 03:38, schrieb Ilya Kirnos:

> [...]
>> From what I hear now, you want to authenticate, but not for a specific
>> method call on a specific resource. What is this supposed to 
>> *mean*? What
>> principals are known may depend on the request URI. Whether (and 
>> as who)
>> you need to authenticate to apply a certain method to a resource 
>> depends on
>> the resource *and* the method.
>> In general, the answer -- you'lll have to try.
> okay.  this answer is currently not sufficient, for example in the 
> case of a
> large PUT.  whether it's an interop or a performance problem, i 
> believe it's
> something that needs to be addressed.  if there is something 
> already in the spec
> that solves the problem, i would be happy to use it.

Well, as someone (Roy?) mentioned, the Expect header in RFC 2616 servs
that pupose.


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