RE: Issue: Requiring server to use / terminated URL for returned collections

I dug out another testimonial to the interoperability problems of not
consistently using trailing slashes. 

Geoff Alexander said:
"We are developing a WebDAV server and have encountered interoperability
problem with request on collections in which the resource does not have
trailing slash.  Where do things stand on this issue?  Our testing
that the above does not work in the real world.  For example, both IE 5
Netscape 4.7 do not properly process relative references in response to
GET request on a collection without the trailing slash..  I guess one
say that IE and Netscape only support the HTTP protocol and not WebDAV
protocol, but then our server would have to determine whether the
was HTTP or WebDAV (which is not a workable solution).  Also, we have
encountered interoperability problem with other WebDAV clients."


Received on Tuesday, 17 September 2002 13:41:00 UTC