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Thank you for your comments, and also for the link to the JSR170 work.  This
is a very useful perspective on the integration requirements of content
repositories and I say it applies just as strongly for integration of
managed documents in content services.  I will make sure that other
organizations are aware of this initiative and also of the requirements that
are emerging around WebDAV integration in transactional applications.

Personally, I resonate with your thoughts around providing developers ways
to reuse common skills and patterns in developing transaction-protected
operation sequences and especially the testing and verification of them.

It is an interesting idea to see how transaction control could be introduced
as a supplementary standard in a way that serves HTTP and its WebDAV
extensions.  Something to think about.  I think WebDAV developers would have
a strong interest in that to the degree it impacts the appeal of WebDAV
servers for integration into enterprise applications.

-- Dennis

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Some thoughts regarding the question "Who needs transactions with WebDAV?"

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I'm currently working on a Content Repository API on top of a WebDAV server,
which is intended to become compliant to JSR170
( where transaction control is planned
to be part of Level 2.

Any comments?
Peter Zaretzke
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