RE: Proposal: WebDAV and transactions

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> Subject: RE: Proposal: WebDAV and transactions
> > Well I suppose, but isn't this what wrapping updates with a
> > Lock/Unlock pair is intended to accomplish. I have nothing
> > against transactions, I just don't have any need for them
> > spanning multiple WebDAV methods. Yet:)
> Lock/unlock doesn't give you rollback capability. Even though you're the
> only person who can write to a resource during a lock, it still may be the
> case that you're unable to complete the PROPPATCH part of a PUT/PROPPATCH
> pair. The TCP connection may go down, the server may go down, you may be
> exceeding your quota, etc.

But a deltaV working resource does... So I'd claim that this *particular*
use case already has a good solution.

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