Interoperability for DAV:ishidden?


one thing that the participants of the interop meeting may want to

A long time ago ([1]), Microsoft proposed a live property DAV:ishidden which
signals that a resource should be displayed as hidden in a UI.

Support currently exists in:

MS IIS 5.0: reports DAV:ishidden according to the file system flags of the
underlying file system
MS webfolder client: asks for DAV:ishidden, and hides the resource when it
is reported as hidden
SAP Enterprise Portal Server: treats DAV:ishidden as live property with the
semantics defined in [1]

I think this is a really useful feature, and in case we can identify another
client that supports it, we may want to roll it into RFC2518.

Regards, Julian

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Received on Wednesday, 4 September 2002 09:02:24 UTC