What is left after LOCK/UNLOCK on null resource?

I'm doing some experimenting with
Tomcat 4.0.4+Slide1.0.16+IE6 on WIN2K box.

I would appreciate some advice as to the 
expected behaviour in the following scenario:

1. A null resource is locked.

Q. Should this resource appear as a member
URI of its parent? 

IE displays the lock-null
resource as a directory, which doesn't seem right.

2. The null resource is unlocked.

Q. Should there be anything left if no other 
command is issued in between?

Looking at the Slide database, there continues to 
be information maintained about the unlocked 
resource. I would have thought everything should have
been cleaned out, i.e. the properties created for the
locked resource should have been deleted.

IE also continues to show the now unlocked resource as
a directory, but it doesn't act as a collection, e.g. 
you can't create members within it. I suspect this is as
a result of the Slide behaviour.

Any clarifications greatly appreciated.



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Received on Tuesday, 3 September 2002 23:27:02 UTC