RE: discovering the root of a deep lock

On Monday, 09/02/2002 at 03:18 ZE2, "Julian Reschke" <nnjulian.> wrote:
> OK,
> seems that we had consensus on this protocol extension (got OKs from:
> Clemm, Dan Brotsky and Jason Crawford, and no negative feedback).
> This should close issue #89 (FINDING_THE_ROOT_OF_A_DEPTH_LOCK).
> Lisa, is there any chance that we may be able to get this into the
> revision? I'm happy to provide a URL of a test server implementing this
> time before the interop meeting.

I've moved the state of that issue to Edit although I think we need to test

Let's get a few of the folks that will be at the interop to implement this.


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