RE: New RFC2518bis draft, COPY / MOVE of live properities

> Case 1: Both source and destination URLs/resources are controlled by
> same "server semantics/process," and thus the source server can do a
> COPY by associating a resource with the destination URL that behaves
> exactly the same as the source resource under all variant forms of
> GET/PROPFIND (modulo locks not being copied and the location being
> different).  In this case MOVE is, in fact, indistinguishable to
> clients from a successful COPY followed by a successful DELETE.
> (Although perhaps delta-V clients might be able to distinguish...)

Not only deltaV clients may be able to distinguish, but ACL clients
could. For example, in Xythos WFS, when a file is copied the server
initializes the ACLs like a new file.  On the other hand when a file is
moved, the server copies the ACLs intact.

Xythos WFS also tracks access logs on files, and when a file is moved we
want to keep the access logs on it, but when it's copied we don't want
to duplicate the access logs, just keep the access logs for the

Overall, the new distinction between MOVE and COPY seems more often
useful than problematic.


Received on Monday, 19 August 2002 18:24:19 UTC