RE: Web Character Model and IRI spec (Re: FW: character encoding.)

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> Subject: RE: Web Character Model and IRI spec (Re: FW: character
> encoding.)
> I think that it would be great if the WebDAV spec
> could be clear about encodings in URIs, and the
> relationship between the HTTP URIs used in the protocol
> and the XML strings used in enumerations of collections.
> I'm not sure you need to make a normative reference to
> either the IRI spec or CHARMOD to do so, if you're concerned
> about establishing an unnecesary schedule dependency.
> This is because the IRI spec doesn't actually say the
> things that WebDAV needs to say in order to get interoperable
> implementations -- what is the expected behavior of
> WebDAV user agents when showing strings to the users?
> This has been an issue in interops already, not just
> for I18N, but also for simple URL encoding, e.g., of
> file names with spaces in them.

OK, what do we need to specify:

1) display of member names in collections: take the last URI segment, then
URL-unescape, then UTF-8-decode

2) creation of new resources:

2a) all URI segments MUST be UTF-8-decodable after URL-unescaping
2b) if the "local display name" (for instance document name when typing into
file selector box) contains non-ASCII characters, it MUST be UTF-8 encoded
then URL-escaped.

3) Forbid member names in collections that aren't Unicode-normalized after
URL-de-escaping and UTF-8-decoding.



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