webDAV - macromedia dreamweaver ultradev - error trying to 'put' a file

I am running Dreamweaver UltraDev 4.01 and having difficulty trying to
'put' my files onto the remote server.  (I can 'get' files.)  The server is
running Apache 2.0 and WebDAV.

For example, while using UltraDev with my page open, I can save the file
locally. But when I 'put' this file, I receive the following 2 messages:

     The desired action could not be completed because the server is
currently unavailable or misconfigured.

     An error occurred - cannot put filename.php.

(The server has been restarting off and on as well but I don't know the
details on this.)

I am not the server administrator, and am not familiar with apache or
webDAV.  Can anyone suggest what might be going on? or what questions I
need to ask the administrator?

Any help is appreciated.  Note - I have also posted this on the appropriate
macromedia forum.

Michelle Horner
Outcome Technology Associates, Inc.

Received on Friday, 26 July 2002 09:44:51 UTC