WebDAV WG Meeting minutes

Notes: WebDAV WG meeting 

54th IETF in Yokohama

Tuesday, 9:00 am


Most of the meeting is summarized in these slides used:

Additional discussion & summary follows by topic.


Interop plans 

We plan to hold an Interop meeting in September in Santa Cruz and make
it an interim WG meeting as well.


ACL draft Status

Meeting attendees agreed that ACL draft is stabilizing nicely. Changes
from 08 are not controversial. There were no objections to the idea of
publishing an 09 draft and taking that to IESG last call without another
WG last call waiting period. If any objections arise, we will of course
go through with another WG last call.


RFC2518bis status and issues 

Most of the discussion here was a review of progress and open issues.
Points of note:

-          It was pointed out that the IF header should be pared down to
areas of actual use and interoperability to go to draft status. My take
is that means removing the AND and NOT constructions.

-          It was pointed out that the source property may not be
fixable and still go to draft status. Trying to add functionality like
roles and still go to draft status may be incompatible goals. 

-          New milestone: promised to try to resolve another 6-12 issues
in a new draft of RFC2518 bis within 2 months.







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