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RE: Zope / IE5 interoperability report + nits

From: Brian Lloyd <Brian@digicool.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 09:34:31 -0500
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To: "'martind@netfolder.com'" <martind@netfolder.com>, Brian Lloyd <Brian@digicool.com>
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> FYI, Zope appears to work well with IE5 (web folders), and
> requests as expected. It apparently doesnt deal with custom
> properties. If you want to try out IE5 against Zope, you can
> open a "web folder" (read only) at:
> http://webdav.zope.org/users/public

> Hi
> This morning I tried several times to create a WebFolder with the link
> mentioned but it didn't worked. Is the link OK?
> Regards
> Didier PH Martin
> mailto:martind@netfolder.com
> http://www.netfolder.com

Interesting - IE5 does not appear to be willing to follow
a 302 (Found) redirect when it does it's initial OPTIONS
request to the server... <sigh>. It does not seem very
tolerant in its interpretation of response codes - I've
noticed that it will also fail if the server returns a 
204 (No Content) instead of a 200 OK in response to an 
OPTIONS request.

That means you'll have to include the port number in the
url to open the public area with IE:


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