RE: Zope / IE5 interoperability report + nits

Hi Brian,

Nop It still do not Work. Here is my config IE 5 Release version (downloaded
it yesterday). Win98.

Here is what I got with the lates link you provided (including the port

03/19/99 10:57:45
Could not find a web server at '' on port 2518. Please check
to make sure that the web server name is valid and your proxy settings are
set correctly. If you are sure that everything is correct, the web server
may be temporarily out of service.

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> FYI, Zope appears to work well with IE5 (web folders), and
> requests as expected. It apparently doesnt deal with custom
> properties. If you want to try out IE5 against Zope, you can
> open a "web folder" (read only) at:

> Hi
> This morning I tried several times to create a WebFolder with the link
> mentioned but it didn't worked. Is the link OK?
> Regards
> Didier PH Martin

Interesting - IE5 does not appear to be willing to follow
a 302 (Found) redirect when it does it's initial OPTIONS
request to the server... <sigh>. It does not seem very
tolerant in its interpretation of response codes - I've
noticed that it will also fail if the server returns a
204 (No Content) instead of a 200 OK in response to an
OPTIONS request.

That means you'll have to include the port number in the
url to open the public area with IE:

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