Re: Zope / IE5 interoperability report + nits

Brian Lloyd wrote:
>   o IE5 sends a rather curious looking propfind request:

I saw this, too, but knew it was going to be there before looking :-)

Put 2 and 2 together: Lisa Lippert and Alex Hopmann (both of Microsoft)
have authored an Internet Draft for "Additional WebDAV Collection
Properties". Please see the URL:

>     I'm curious what these elements are:
>     <name/>
>     <parentname/>
>     <ishidden/>
>     <iscollection/>
>     <isreadonly/>
>     <contentclass/>
>     <lastaccessed/>
>     <isstructureddocument/>
>     <defaultdocument/>
>     <isroot/>

The I.D. covers defaultdocument, iscollection, ishidden, and

This does leave the status of name, parentname, isreadonly,
contentclass, lastaccessed, and isroot up in the air. I can guess at
several of them, but it would be nice if MSFT could document them.

>     ...I don't see them in the spec, yet IE5 is asserting them to
>     be in the 'DAV:' namespace. Are these revenants of an older draft,
>     or from other works-in-progress (adv. collections, etc.)?

Part work in progress. Part "aggressive use" of the DAV: namespace :-)

Hrm. Looks like I need to get the property registry set up on


Greg Stein,

Received on Friday, 19 March 1999 02:42:04 UTC