Re: math: URI scheme and protocol handler

I created a short YouTube video to demonstrate why a protocol handler with a math: URI scheme can provide an alternative and simple user experience for a blind or vision impaired user for exploring mathematical expressions.  In the video, 1) we turn on VoiceOver (the OS X screen reader / assistive technology), 2) we navigate a page that contains text and a mathematical expression, 3) we decide that we want to use another application other than Safari to explore and understand the math expression and click on the math expression which has an anchor tag around it (e.g., <a href="math:<math>something</math>">), 4) the operating system launches the application registered to handle math: protocol requests, 5) the application provides tools for exploring the math, 6) after using the application, the user quits the application and seamlessly returns back to the web browser where they left off.

I hope this helps to illustrate why a protocol handler provides a more seamless experience with the current state of browser implementations than a media type could today.


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Received on Monday, 28 April 2014 06:56:06 UTC