Re: fb: URIs?

On 17.02.2010 00:24, Graham Klyne wrote:
>  >>> Long story short, we (certainly I, anyway) have no intentions to
> make "fb" a >>> real URL scheme. It just arose out of convenience.
> Hmmm... so what happens to Facebook's iPhone app when someone validly
> registers and deploys (widely) a URI scheme called 'fb:'?
> I would hazard a suggestion that at least a provisional registration
> might be in order (noting its limited use) to help avoid such a thing
> from happening without anyone noticing.
> ...

The problem is much bigger, as far as I recall, minting new URI schemes 
for invoking iphone applications is even recommended by the SDK, so 
there are probably many more.

See discussion around 

Best regards, Julian

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