Re: Status of RFC 1738 -- 'ftp' URI scheme

work already is in progress for an updated specification of
the 'ftp' URI scheme, as one step in the process to let the
obsoleted RFC 1738 actually become gravestone dead.
Upon indication of support for the idea by an AD, I took over
the pen from Paul Hoffman in December -- he was the last one
to start a similar effort several years ago, but did not have
the time to pursue it.

However, this project is not my highest priority IETF task.

The basic idea was to provide fodder for a potential
"FTP Maintenance and Minor Enhancements" (FTPME) BOF that
could happen in Maastricht (IETF 78, July 2010), but the
effort could be carried out to completion without such WG.

The (pre-)draft still needs considerable work; in particular,
I want to check ideas for new URI parameters with implementers
-- in a first stage those found contributing to the IETF and
having active Internet-Drafts with proposed FTP extensions, and
with which we have been in contact during the development of
draft-klensin-ftp-registry (RFC should be out before IETF 77).

Based on the interest I have seen here, I'll now try to submit
a -00 version before the IETF 77 initial draft cutoff date.

Kind regards,
  Alfred H╬nes.


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Received on Thursday, 4 February 2010 15:53:52 UTC