Re: Secure IMAP URI

i'd say that if it's used widely and consistently and if somebody is 
willing to document that, it would be very useful if it were registered. 
but a little voice tells me that it might not be all that easy to figure 
out how exactly it is used/implemented, and that there might be some 
diverging interpretations of how to use/implement it...



Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote:
> Should it be?
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>> John Cowan wrote:
>>> Eran Hammer-Lahav scripsit:
>>>> I have seen references to imaps:// URIs which point to a secure IMAP
>>>> endpoint. Is there a specification for that?
>>> The last I heard, none of the xxxs: schemes were official, not even https:.
>> https is listed in,
>> which points to, but imaps is not
>> listed in the registry.
>> cheers,
>> dret.

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